25 Farmhouse Lighting Ideas For Warm And Homely Decors

Farmhouse lighting is particularly great at doing that and a lot of the fixtures pertaining to this style are actually quite versatile and capable of adapting to a variety of different environments and decors. The lighting is an important part of any home’s interior design and decor and a crucial component of a space, the one which is most capable to ensure a welcoming look and a comfortable ambiance.

The Menlow Park chandelier looks charming in dining rooms when displayed above the table but also in living rooms, cozy reading nooks or in offices where it adds warmth and style to the space and is perfectly capable of complementing just about any kind of furniture no matter what the style is.{found on designdirections}.

The farmhouse-industrial appearance of the Lumley pendant makes a suitable choice for kitchens, especially one with a sliding barn door and industrial bar stools like this one has. Three pendant lamps are evenly spaced above the kitchen island creating a comfortable and inviting ambiance.{found on elleinteriorsaz}.

Another lovely option for the kitchen is the Vaxcel P0160 Carlisle pendant which is small an versatile enough to look great in all sorts of setups. The best place for it would be above the island where you’d actually need two or three pendants in order to provide adequate lighting. {found on metzlerhomebuilders}.

In a cozy dining room such as this one a chandelier such as the Artcraft has just what the space needs to look and feel as welcoming and as comfortable as possible. It’s the type of farmhouse lighting you’d also be able to integrate in a bedroom or even in a living room given the right layout.{found on cjsouth}.

As it turns out, farmhouse lighting is perfect for kitchens and dining rooms and there are plenty of designs to choose from such as for example the Troy pendant. It has a lovely vintage look reminiscent of those old oil lamps people used to have in the past. The design has strong industrial influences which suit the pendant well.{found on geschkegroup}.

Here’s another example of a stylish kitchen with farmhouse lighting and furniture to match it. It was designed by Nelson Builders and it’s super bright and welcoming, especially with those two wide pendant lamps at the center, hanging above the white island countertop.

The simplicity of this chandelier is exactly what makes it super charming in the first place. It’s a perfect example of how farmhouse lighting can brighten up a space both literally and figuratively, whether it’s a kitchen, a dining room or a hallway. The chandelier features a triple wood beam frame and four vintage cages designed to complement Edison light bulbs. Check it out on Amazon.

The design of the Massena pendant lamp is quite eclectic, featuring farmhouse, industrial and also modern influences. The metal shade is dome-shaped and has a polished nickel finish with a glossy white interior designed to amplify downlight. It’s perfect for kitchens with islands or tables.{found on effecthomes}.

Chandeliers are also well-suited for kitchen islands and dining tables in particular. The Hinkley chandelier from the Fulton collection is a wonderful example. It has eight small light stems which resemble candles and a simple bronze-finished frame with a graphical and linear design.{imag from designersbrew}.

This is also an 8-light farmhouse chandelier but in this case each of the eight bulbs is wrapped around a vintage beam so they all hang at different heights. This little detail gives the space a casual look and creates a warm and comfortable ambiance. The distressed wood makes this farmhouse light fixture look amazing, especially in combination with the Edison bulbs. Check out the chandelier on Amazon.

A simple square-shaped wooden base and three hanging Edison bulbs with black metal cages give this vintage chandelier a great look and turn it into a nice conversation piece if let’s say you decide to display it in your living room or in the kitchen above the island. A dimmer switch lets you adjust the light level, making the West Ninth chandelier a great choice for a variety of spaces including bedrooms.

Here’s another example of a vintage light fixture with lots of farmhouse-inspired charm and a hint of industrial beauty. It’s a small fixture perfect for the entryway or hallway but also suitable for the kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom. The combination of oil-rubbed bronze finish and metallic bronze gives the Westinghouse fixture a warm glow and a trendy and versatile appearance.

Another thing that can give your home the farmhouse-inspired charm you’re looking for is an antique chandelier such as the Docheer which is made from a combination of wood and metal and has five arms holding candle-style lights. It’s hanging from a metal chain and is versatile enough to be suitable for all sorts of different types of spaces including living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, bedrooms, offices and even restaurants.

The Progress chandelier also has some antique flair, although its design is quite different than the one previously mentioned. This is a rectangular, linear chandelier with five bulbs lined up inside a farmhouse-style frame made of wood and metal. It has a rich but also simple and classic appearance.

Two of these vintage-style pendant lamps provide sufficient light for the kitchen island/ bar area and also help to visually delineate this space from the rest of the living area. The retro design of the pendant lamps is able to complement not just farmhouse-style interiors but also modern spaces defined by simple finishes and clean shapes. Check out Amazon for more details about this pendant.

Some designs are actually more modern than retro, like the LeeZM chandelier for example. It has 3 clear glass shades attached to a minimalist hanging bar. Display it in your living room, above the dining table, in the kitchen, the hallway or even in your bedroom. The dimmable light will ensure a pleasant ambiance every time. 

When it comes to farmhouse lighting, of the most beautiful designs are also the simplest ones. A nice example is the West Ninth Fayette chandelier which stands out thanks to its solid yet comforting design. It’s made from reclaimed wood which means that each chandelier is unique and has its own special story to tell. 

Speaking of light fixtures made of reclaimed materials, check out this unusual design from etsy. This farmhouse light fixture ia mde from a galvanized steel tub hanging from a brushed copper chain and a matching ceramic base. There are also two matching handles that complete the look.

The Bristol pendant lamp from Light Society is crafted from stained solid wood complemented by a black iron chain and a matching base. The frame is designed like an open box and gives the chandelier a subtle modern vibe. It’s the type of light fixture that would fit nicely above the dining table or the kitchen island.

If you’re looking for a unique light fixture with lots of charm and personality and also a rustic, even antique look, you should check out this rustic chandelier from etsy. It has a frame made of reclaimed pine lumber with a dark walnut stain and four hanging bulbs framed by antique brass cages.

Handmade items, this cool light fixture included, are unique and that gives them a lot of character. But that’s not the only reason this design is special. This is a fixture which featured a heavy pulley mechanism suspended from the ceiling by a thick piece of rope. It also includes two Edison bulbs framed by black metal cages. You can find more details about this product on etsy.

Rather than pointing down, the five Edison bulbs of this farmhouse-style chandelier are actually directing the light up. The OYI 001 chandelier is made of premium wood and metal and has a rustic design which combines a wood frame and iron mesh for vintage, farmhouse-inspired vibe. 

As you’ve seen, most rustic or farmhouse lighting fixtures go great with Edison bulbs. That’s because of their warmth and overall appeal. This Trueline pendant is no different. In this particular case the bulb is enclosed inside an open-air metal globe which gives the pendant a strong industrial vibe but also a modern look.

The design of this pendant lamp is reminiscent of old lanterns, the kind portable kind people used before electricity was a thing. The design has of course been updated and the Progress Foyer Lantern is actually versatile enough to look beautiful in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and pretty much any other room of the house. Use it as a standalone fixture or group up several pendants for a cohesive room decor.

Another pendant lamp that’s perfect for vintage bulbs is the Leonlite, a simple fixture with a glass shade and a metal base. It has a little bit of retro charm and also a little bit of traditional elegance and that makes it for any type of space. Display a group of two or three pendants to illuminate the kitchen or the dining room or use it as an individual fixture in spaces where you need ambient light.

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