Old Firehouse Turned Into an Amazing Home

personal eclectic interior design style bedroom with brick walls

Bailey Li ‘s of Bailey Li Interiors old firehouse turned into loft will definitely grasp your attention.


Every space in the loft is incredible, and it features a backdrop of raw brick that you will, without a doubt, fall in love with. The detail of the art of the loft interior will leave you in awe. The loft details are a piece of interior décor to envy and serve as a great view to clear off your mind.

From the Bailey Li’s loft interior, it’s clear that any item you add into your home decor that does not resonate with you is a poor investment. The interior decors you go for should not only add an appeal to your space but also give you peace of mind. A magnificent and ever-evolving interior design is all you need.

Bailey Li is a reputed interior design, and her work is impeccable. Through her expertise, offers homeowners a distinctive design style that is self-centered on her taste. Clients’ perspectives, likings, and tastes inspire Bailey Li.

As a designer, she takes it personal to discover what their clients want. Bailey Li goes on to depict it on the aesthetic of her loft space. An experienced interior designer and creative artist should easily notice subtle details in a design and blend them to deliver top-notch results.

Bailey Li Interiors guarantees authenticity and will add distinctive antique and vintage decors to any space provided. Portraits as well add beauty to homes, and you can utilize them to express your creative eye.

personal eclectic interior design style loft bedroom with brick walls
loft bedroom with bed canopy curtain and brick walls
eclectic elegant living room with pop art wall decor
eclectic living room with pop art wall decor and blue velvet sofa
eclectic living room with mirror wall decor an d art sign coloured only
old firehouse turned into home loft
talented interior designer Bailey Li in her amazing bedroom

You should express your ingenuity and sense of style. You have to live fearlessly and enjoy every moment when inside your home no matter where it is situated. Bailey Li Interiors offers incredible interior decors that will perfectly blend with any interior space.

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