Winter Bedroom Decorating Trends: From the Classy to the Cozy

If you are not already sensing the chill in the air, then probably you live in a sunnier region of the world where winter arrives only in December. But for many of us who live further away from the equatorial belt, a distinct shift towards shorter days, darker evenings and colder temperatures is already palpable. It means a change in season, a change in our wardrobe and also a change in the way we decorate our homes! Winter bring with it a whole new world of colors, textures and finishes with white taking over all around. And this winter, the best bedroom decorating trends embraces all these elements gleefully.

TV above the fireplace is a popular trend in winter 2020 [From: Design Associates Architects]
It seems everyone loves spring and summer and yet when fall eventually arrives, we are all left marveling at the brilliant colors outside. Despite its much harsher reputation, winter brings its own set of unique joys! For design aficionados, it is an opportunity to move away from colors of fall even while keeping the festive spirit alive. In the bedroom, it is a shift towards cozier elements – those that fill your home and heart with warmth and joy! Step in and discover the most popular bedroom trends of winter 2020 –


Beautiful Beach and Scandinavian Styles

This might come as a surprise to many of our readers, but at this point, nothing in 2020 really seems to come as a shock! Beach and Scandinavian styles are normally most popular during the summer months, but they are here to stay this year with homeowners embracing them in colder months as well. Maybe it is because they evoke images of a warmer, cheerful time. Maybe it is because we have had to skip over most of summer this year thanks to a global pandemic and stay indoors. Maybe because they simply never go out of style in a modern home! No matter what your reason is, beach and Scandinavian styles do not disappoint this December and beyond.

Combine woodsy charm of cabin style with coastal elegance in the bedroom [From: Hannah West Interiors]
Explore shades other than white in the bedroom that are neutral and yet add something special
Exposed brick wall section brings an interesting visual and adds contrast to the small bedroom [From: Bjurfors Göteborg]
Fabulous mural in the backdrop steals the show in this lovely little Scandinavian style bedroom with gray bed and drapes [From: Charlotte Vauvillier]
Keep the summery vibe indoors even as winter takes over outside with a smart Scandinavian style! [From: Class S interior design]
Mix of relaxed beach style and winter vibe in the bedroom [From: JS Interiors]
Picture-perfect bedroom seems perfect for every season! [From: Rebecca Interiors & Design by Numbers]

Woodsy Interior Makes a Comeback

Winter has always been a time when we plan for that big family holiday and the escape is inevitably a lovely cabin in the mountains with a warm, woodsy interior. This year, you might be a bit hamstrung with those plans because of the situation outside. Instead of heading out for a holiday, bring home that cabin-styled woodsy charm to the bedroom, but in an understated fashion. Combine brilliant pops of wood, distressed and reclaimed finishes and smart accent walls with a modern bedroom for a balance between the rustic and the contemporary.

Brilliant cabin-style bedroom takes us into the world of many gorgeous mountain cabins that come alive in the winter [From: Structerra]
Combine trendy decor finds with a winter-centric decorating theme in the bedroom [From: Timothy Godbold]
Custom accent wall in reclaimed wood for the modern bedroom
Fabulous bed frame in natural-edge and cozy textures turn this modern bedroom into one that welcomes winter gleefully [From: Paula Berg Design Associates]

Yellow Warmth

There are plenty of color that come and go as hot trends with each passing season, but every time we head into fall and summer yellow inevitably makes a comeback. Warm shades of yellow are the perfect way to give the bedroom a cozier and more elegant appeal even as white takes over outside. This turns the bedroom into a safe refuge that takes you away from all the cold outside and transports you into a far more inviting and exquisite setting. Styles like modern, traditional, and Mediterranean work well with the hue.

Cottage style combined with yellow beauty in the bedroom
Mellow yellow brings a positive vibe to the spacious modern bedroom [From: AccentPositives Home Staging]
Use lighting and woodsy accent feature to usher in a hint of yellow
Combine yellow with green in the bedroom for a more festive and elegant interior

Staying Close to Nature

The world outside might be devoid of green, but that does not mean your bedroom needs to be the same. Fill the room with lovely leafy prints and indoor plants – an approach that is generally reserved for summer. Even if you are not willing to ‘go green’ in the bedroom, embrace a more earthen color scheme this winter for a home that feels intuitively comfortable and unique. Even if you cannot fully open the bedroom to the view outside as the cold wave takes over, make sure that you do not miss out on the view.

Keep your love for all things green alive this winter with indoor plants [From: General Assembly]
Living wall addition on the headboard wall makes an instant impact in here
Combine different colors and textures in the stylish bedroom

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