Best Summer Living Room Trends of 2019

Summer Living Room Trends of 2019

If you have been looking to have a living room makeover but never got round to doing it, you’re just in time to sample the best ideas for revamping the most important of your living spaces in time for the summer. We have profiled three inspirational decor ideas which will transform your living room from a nondescript space to a trendy haven of comfort and artful contemplation. They are the best summer living room trends to watch out for this year.


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1. Placid Monochrome
Making a statement with an understated decor theme is gaining an increased appreciation this year. It may sound like a straightforward approach but it is often harder to pull off as a concept than more colorful approaches. Some of the monochromatic ideas which are ideal for your summer living room include the black and white tribal decor patterns. They will look great on your living room carpet to the throw rug and even on the couch. To add a measure of vibrancy, add a dash of color (perhaps with a settee cushion or two). A potted plant or a vase of freshly cut flowers will also help make your placid room become an even more interesting feast for the eyes this summer.

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2. Retro Fusion
Let your family and guests get a measure of the nostalgic with a theme inspired by mid-century ideas of home comforts. Retro fusion interior decor ideas for your summer living room bring together the color palette approaches popular in the seventies and draw inspiration from the artsy furnishing concepts prevalent in the fifties and sixties. This decor idea works well with materials like buff leather, velvet and polished wood. To pull it off, have a bias for colors such as tan, mustard and night watch green. You will also do well by looking towards inspirations birthed in continental Europe.

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3. Balmy Tropics
This decor approach is so named as it is both a celebration of and a homage to all that is pleasantly calm about nature and the outdoors. The trend has seen a re-emergence of soft botanical prints delivered in a motley set of patterns that are pleasant to the eye and on materials that invite you to touch and settle back in redolent enjoyment. Materials which will help you pull off this look include linen, bamboo and bronze. Patterned or curved wood furnishing will also help complement the idea. A bias for leaf green, nude pink and sea blue as your color ideas will make your approach to the balmy tropics decor theme even more authentic.

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Inspired to a stunning makeover of your summer living room? The three ideas we have showcased here are a pointer to the creative approaches you can implement to turn your home to not only a welcoming space but also one that inspires and rejuvenates in equal measure. We appreciate your feedback and will be grateful to read about your thoughts in the comments. You will also find more inspiration and ideas in the posts we have done in the past and still more is coming.

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