A High-End Tiny House on Wheels Can be Stylish and Sustainable Too

Lots of people consider moving into a tiny house on wheels, but while they might want to scale down their home and carbon footprint, they don’t necessarily want to give up style or some of the modern conveniences of life. There are plenty of examples of bare-bones tiny houses on wheels, and many of them skimp on certain aspects of home life, but a company in Australia is building some amazing models that don’t. Each of their options lets you have a customized tiny house on wheels that is sustainable but with high-end elements that range from a Samsung keyless entry door lock to a Cypress pine bathroom feature or a laundry chute.

The Häuslein Tiny House Company, located on the east coast of Australia, between Sydney and Brisbane, in Port Macquarie, NSW, is known for its high-end tiny houses.  Founded by four friends in 2018, the company aims “for a better, more sustainable way of living in Australia. In fact, the word “Häuslein” means a small dwelling with a big heart and pays tribute to their German heritage and appreciation for German quality engineering.

More than just a cheaper way to live, the founder see a tiny house on wheels as a way to “live sustainably, generously and creatively, maximizing resources and keeping it simple.” The company uses the best materials, appliances and technology in building these beautiful and very livable tiny homes.

Häuslein has three models of a tiny house on wheels for sale that can be customized to fit your specific desires. They also sell their model tiny houses on wheels — they’re kind of like a spec home on wheels. Take a look at these three amazing options for a tiny house on wheels. If you’re hesitant about it, one of these just might change your mind.

Little Sojourner Tiny House on Wheels

The Häuslein Little Sojourner tiny house is six meters long, accommodates a queen-size bed, and has one bathroom. This model is the smallest tiny house on wheels for sale at 20 square meters of floor space and a starting price of AU$79,000. It has a natural, angular look on the exterior, with some sections finished in natural wood and others in a stylish gray metal panel. The lower portion contains the living area, kitchen and bathroom, while the upper loft area is the bedroom.

This particular model includes a wooden ladder to reach the sleeping area, which saves floor space on the main level. From here you can see the nicely spacious living area and very attractive natural wood flooring and trim. Häuslein doesn’t us any chipboard, vinyl or MDF anywhere in its tiny homes. Instead, the company uses solid timbers and ply only in the timber aspects and only the best everywhere else. Stylish pendant lighting is also a great feature and it can be customized with your own choices as well. In the photo below, you can see the view into the kitchen, which included a drawer dishwasher, sink, refrigerator and cooktop. There are also cabinets for storage as well as an open shelf above the window.

Upstairs, the loft comfortably accommodates a queen-sized bed for two. The space has windows on both sides of the bed for plenty of natural light as well as a built-in light fixture above the bed for reading. On the one side, there’s enough room for a small cabinet next to the bed if desired. Between the windows and the short wall facing the rest of the tiny house, the sleeping area feels spacious and not at all closed in.

Downstairs off the kitchen is the combination of laundry and bathroom. At one end of the space, the washing machine is arranged with storage cabinets and a gorgeous custom wooden sink with mirror. At the other end is a regular size toilet and a small angular shower.

Häuslein Sojourner Tiny House

Nearly a third larger than the Little Sojourner, the Häuslein Soujourner Tiny House on wheels is eight meters long and also accommodates a queen-size bed, and features one bathroom. This is a larger model at 28.5  square meters of floor space and a base price of AU$99,000. This too has the same natural, angular look and boasts the same natural wood and chic stylish gray metal panels on the exterior. It can also accommodate a small deck at the entry doors, which can open and create a flow from the indoors to the outdoors.

The living space in the Soujourner is larger, with space for a nicely sized sofa. Throughout the space, the gorgeous wood flooring is on view and adds a marvelous warmth. It has a larger kitchen area with a breakfast bar that’s ideal for two barstools made to fit. This model also has a ladder for accessing the sleeping loft, but an optional upgrade is stairs and standing room in the main loft with a storage area underneath. It’s a great choice for those who feel more comfortable with stairs.

The view from the sleeping loft above shows the expansive kitchen counters and the height of the tiny home. From here you can also see how much natural light floods the home through the plentiful windows. If that’s not enough for you, there’s also an option for a Velux Skylight window in the loft ceiling for extra light.  Altogether it’ s a cozy little home with just enough space.

Häuslein Grand Sojourner Tiny House

The top of the line high-end tiny home on wheels for sale by Häuslein is the Grand Sojourner Tiny House. With a starting price of AU$110,000, the nine-meter-long home has three bedrooms, one bathroom and has 32 square meters of space. The exterior has the already familiar wooden and metal cladding on its compact rectangular profile. Inside, the living area is even more expansive and the kitchen has ample counter space. This model also has a  convenient breakfast bar for dining.

In the Grand Sojourner tiny house on wheels, there is a loft at each end of the home. This one is equipped with a queen-size bed and can look across to the other loft, however, a short wall provides some privacy when lying in bed. On the main floor, a smaller bedroom accommodates a twin-sized bed, which is ideal for a child’s room.

The second loft is large enough for another queen-size bed or it can serve as a study or indoor play space for a child. Regardless, it is an amazing amount of functional space in such a tiny house. Below, you can see the views from the loft into the living space, and a view of television and shelving across from the sofa. In fact,  one of the many upgrade options is an appliance and television package.

All these Häusleiner tiny homes show how lovely a small residential footprint can be. When well-considered, made with quality materials and stylishly designed, a tiny home on wheels can be as comfortable as a larger home.  Besides, you’ll luxuriate in your freedom to be where you want to be whenever you want to be, doing whatever you like instead of home upkeep and maintenance.

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