10 Cool And Unusual Ways To Add Corner Shelves To A Room

Corners are drastically overlooked in homes and in interior design in general. It’s a real shame because they have so much potential and it usually has something to do with corner shelves. You can use shelves in so many amazing ways, some of which are incredibly ingenious. We’re hoping the following examples can inspire you.

The corner shelves create the perfect transition between these two adjacent kitchen walls, each with its own distinct function. They’re curved which gives them a friendly and smooth appearance and they blend in seamlessly. This kitchen was remodeled by studio Handwerk Art and Design.

This is actually a bit more than just a few shelves in a corner. It’s an entire corner library which takes advantage of this little nook by the stairs. The shelves frame the door and go quite high, hence the ladder. We’d say studio Warren Techentin Architecture created the perfect reading corner here.

It’s not just inner corners that can hold shelves. Outside corners are great like that too. That actually gives you an opportunity to use those awkward layouts and annoying support walls in your favor. Let this design created by Luigi Rosselli inspire you.

Here’s another great way to place shelves around outer corners in order to create seamless transitions and smooth connections between spaces or to emphasize the layout and architecture of a space. This is a design completed by studio L. McComber ltée.

A similar design strategy was used by BGD Architects when they designed a residence in Queensland, Australia. They gave this space a custom bookcase which floats on the wall and seamlessly wraps around the corner.

If you want to spice up the decor a bit, you can have the corner carved out so you can insert a custom set of shelves inside. This way you’d still preserve the same layout, you’d save space and you would put the corner to good use on either side.

Furniture has corners too and that gives us some ideas. Wouldn’t it be cool to have some shelves attached to one of the kitchen island corners. It could look futuristic and it would actually be practical too. The inspiration comes from a design created by MAC Interactive Architects.

The best space to add corner shelves too would have to be the kitchen. This is where you want to maximize your storage space as much as possible and where you want everything to be neatly organized and easily accessible. Corner shelves help you achieve that and more. A good example is this kitchen designed by Aaron Neubert Architects.

Corner shelves are also really great for open plan designs where they can help define and delineate certain areas or where they help add layers to an otherwise simple layout. This apartment designed by The Apartment Creative Agency can definitely offer some inspiration in this sense.

Corner shelves are not merely little accent details which you add to a space. They can actually be the main feature in a room. In that case you might want to have the shelves custom designed so they fit the space perfectly. This home office designed by Alwill Interiors could be your inspiration source.

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