50 Brilliant Designs from ICFF that Will Make You Want to Redecorate

With more international designers than ever, the 2019 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York had so much to see it made for quite an expedition! This year 900+ global exhibitors showed their newest designs for the next hot things in luxury interiors. More than 38,000 attendees from the design industry were there to stalk the best new pieces for their clients. ICFF says that it has more than doubled in the past three editions and this was pretty clear as Homedit visited the booths and tried not to miss anything. There are lots of new things trending — like plenty of color — and very little shabby chic or farmhouse style to be found.

As always, it’s tough to pick and choose with so many fabulous pieces and home innovations on display, but here are 50 things we thought you’d love to see.

Amadi Carpets & Verellen

Ok, so this is more than one item but it’s hard to look away from this amazing collection of textural pieces that can create a relaxed and luxurious interior that has a global vibe. The exhibit — which features several very appealing room settings — features three companies: Verellen for furniture, M2C for travel-inspired lighting, and the rugs from the Ahmadi family, which weaves, designs and sells hand-made rugs. We kept stopping by to admire almost everything they displayed.

Amuneal Manufacturing

Most of the time, we could do without the built-ins in most suburban homes because they’re nondescript and rather dull. But then we saw what Amuneal can do, and this stunning corner unit is not only very different but also extra functional. From the curved corner to the brass hardware and varied composition, this built-in unit is just as luxurious — or even more so — than the finest furnishings. The Philadelphia company’s custom fabrication is sought out by designers, architects and planners.


Greek design and architecture firm ANAKTAE debuted its collection called Enoptron, which included this sculptural minimalist sofa. The sectioned piece sits atop a reflective golden base that elevates it as you would a work of art. The collection is said to be unified around the theme of a quest for discovery. Regardless, this is a statement sofa that is easily the focal point in any living room

Aria Vent

They’re the necessary evil in most all homes: air vents. You need them to circulate heat and air condition but they have always been pretty ugly. Not anymore, thanks to Aria vent of Canada. This sample is covered with Legos just to show that you can make the vent match any flooring or wall finish. The central section of the vent is fitted with your desired material — wood, tile, painted wallboard, wallpaper — and it pops into the floor. Drop something down there?  Just pull it out and retrieve your item. It’s also safer for pets and children and far easier to clean.

Bernhardt Design

Among all the beautiful upholstery and leather sofas shown by Bernhardt, this one by Luca Nichetto was a favorite. The sofa has a marvelous tall corner to sink into and an indispensable attached table. The legs are angled and help give the sofa a light and modern feeling. This is part of the Nichetto’s collection previewed in the company’s booth. We also feel like we can’t live without the big round moonpie-shaped ottoman that can serve a number of purposes.


Bocchi is known for its fireclay kitchen sinks for their durability and ease of use. They are also 100% natural, organic, recyclable, and now, even more attractive with this new detailing. The pattern along the top of the farmhouse sink is like a bas-relief of a twining design. Called the Vigneto, it might even lure you to do the dishes more willingly…

Bones Studio

The newest addition to the Quarry Collection from North Carolina-based Bones studio, this lounge is constructed using the studio’s very identifiable style. In this case, a vibrant cushion has been added for extra comfort. This collection features grid-like constructions that use curved, bent, rounded and interlocked marine-grade Baltic birch. The overall look is mesmerizing and offers new perspectives from every angle.


Not at all new, but now a classic, the Capisco by HÅG is an ergonomic office chair that really deserves every award it has ever garnered. Testing it out, the only thought was “where have you been all my life? Why did I not know about this?” Inspired by the posture of a horse rider, its fully adjustable height is a godsend for those who spend hours at a desk. The other great aspect is that you can sit in it the normal way, but you can also sit sideways and lean on the arm that extends from the back or sit backward and rest the elbows on both sides.

Maurizio Casini

It’s not a pouf, but rather a sitting ball from Maurizio Casini. In fact, the AURA is the only one made from fine leather. It’s a new, healthier way to sit that allows your body to be happier. Indicative of the “Made in Italy” process: Master craftsmen use 2.5 square meters of leather from cattle that were used for the beef industry for the exquisite finish, which is very sustainable. Even better, it ships flat and all you need to assemble it is a bicycle pump to inflate it. Genius!


Already big fans of the company’s Scraplights, we were instantly drawn to these Chrona pedants. The glowing edges are meant to copy the luminous aura that encircles stars. A combination of spun brass and diffused acrylic is very attractive and the disks can be hung vertically or horizontally and we must say that an arrangement like this looks positively stellar (pun intended!). Sizes range from 6 to 17 inches across and sconce and table versions will also be available soon.

ColorX:Procédés Chénel

Winner of the 2019 Best Booth award at the show, the Color X: Procédés Chénel design was an absolute delight. Like stepping into a secret garden, the company’s architectural papers created a canopy of greenery over a mural of a vivid garden, with the space defined by a pretty filigree structure. Even the lights hanging amid the greenery were fashioned from the architectural paper. Examples of other hanging divider patterns were shown inside. The space made everyone smile and really got spurred a lot of ideas for ways to use these paper elements.


With more people looking for a spa-like experience in their own bathrooms, Dornbracht’s Rainmoon is perfect because it is called a “multisensory water experience.” The minimalist design does not have a typical shower head and the domed installation resembles a moon in the sky with the water cascading down like raindrops. The water has two modes that either center the flow, confine it to the perimeter or run both. The combination looks utterly relaxing and much like an outdoor shower in the moonlight. It was hard to resist climbing into the display!


Taking off on the design of the awesome Purl Lounge Chair, durodeco created this settee version with bench. Ideal for two people, it has the same construction as the chair. We love it because the wood frame looks like it is floating between two glass slides. The surface of the glass is acid-etched, so it smooth and doesn’t show fingerprints so readily. The seating surfaces look like large format knitting but are actually woven felted wool yarn atop a series of wood dowels.

Mermelada Estudio

High-end and whimsical, the Rara Avis Collection from Editiio of Spain was designed by Miquel Aparici and Mermelada Estudio. Besides wanting to have a little fun with design, the collaborators explored different bird species of birds, made prototype sculptures, and eventually these four bird side tables. Formed mainly of geometric shapes, the table are made by the same Spanish master artisans that create guitars along with specialized metal workers. The materials used are French oak and 24 karat gold-plated steel.

Emotional Objects

Abandoning the expected and embracing the absence of rules, the Excentric 2.0 Desk from Portugal is an elegant if not discomfiting design. The modern desk features a walnut veneer table section that does not fit neatly into the brushed brass frame. Instead, it is skewed at an angle, distorting the silhouette of a traditional design. Despite its unusual form, the desk is very functional with two drawers and a closed compartment for electrical connections. Ideal for a contemporary style office, it is part of a collection that includes a coffee table, sideboard, and bookcases.

Eny Lee Parker

There’s something about Eny Lee Parker’s Oo lamps that conjure up a feeling of being in a desert setting at twilight. The delightful hand built pieces resemble a cactus and the variations in shape and texture give them a very natural vibe. The lamps can be UL listed when professional wired. These and all her pieces focus on reclaiming the traditional crafts from our past, including respect for natural resources. They come in a range of earthy colors that will work in any space.

Estate Interiors

There’s nothing that says luxury like custom furniture and cabinetry, and Estate Interiors of Canada are definitely experts. While they showed a range of lovely pieces, this rounded bench was hard to miss. Gorgeous fabric covers the seat and is tufted into an amazing channeled design that is topped off with a row of separate shapes. The back is a marvelously formed curve of beautiful wood. Altogether, its piece to be displayed front and center so that everyone can admire both sides.

Ethan Abramson

We’re used to seeing metal bridges in live edge tables but Ethan Abramson has turned the concept around entirely. His pieces feature wooden bridges used as ornamentation on stone and metal table that have a wood-style split designed into the table. This is his Stone Forest Coffee Table that is made from 1/4 blackened steel topped with porcelain ad details from solid wood details. Each of his tables includes these designed splits that can be bridged with walnut, ash, wenge, or zebra wood.

Färg & Blanche

Like glowing doughballs, rising and ready to burst out of their metal confines, these Heart Lamps from Färg & Blanche, a French-Swedish design studio based in Stockholm, are very intriguing for a variety of reasons. The brass structure seems to barely be confining the blown glass that looks like an organic cloud-like shape (cordless!). Meanwhile, the ethereal glow that emanates from each one has an otherworldly feeling, almost like each is a living thing. These can be used tabletop or mounted on the wall or ceiling.


When it comes to stylish outdoor pieces, Fermob has some of the coolest colorful items. The latest new pieces include the Lorette table and chairs, which are available in an array of colors. This set, which seats six, is great for narrow spaces because of the oval table. Lovely latticework in the middle of the table is repeated in the seats of the armchair and on the backs of the dining chairs. Made from coated steel, the set is durable and comfortable. Set on the table are miniature versions of the brand’s cordless lamp called the Balad. Used as centerpieces or scattered around the area, these lamps quite literally go anywhere you need them to.

Green Apple

This Aire coffee table by Green Apple of Portugal is a spectacular choice for any living room. These are the aspects we love: The irregular edge on both tabletop materials and the way the marble waterfalls partially down the back. The exposed frame adds unexpected architectural detail. the materials are top notch too, with matte Negro Marquina marble being the dominant surface on top of the dark oxidized brass. The supporting structure is made from lacquered iron in semi-gloss black.


Having first seen the Gweilo lamp at IDS in Toronto a few years ago in its initial large floor version, we were super excited to see this tabletop version in the Parachilna booth. The Portuguese company showed the Geilo Song, which is a hand-formed, transparent acrylic structure. There’s an LED strip embedded in the gold extruded aluminum bar that is the light source, controllable via a dimmer on the electrical cord.


Ok, this is also not a new design (2015) but it’s so dazzling we had to include it. Part of the Limited Edition collection from Illilian of Milan. The Design Makan and its fierce tiger face of geometric segments are crafted from wool and silk tinted with vegetable dyes. It’s a very sophisticated and dramatic rug that probably belongs on the wall as a work of art rather than on the floor!

Natuzzi Editions & Brazilian Leather

This might be the softest, most buttery-feeling sofa we’ve ever encountered and it’s the result of a unique collaboration between Natuzzi Editions and the CICB/Brazilian Leather.  Showcasing a few select, marvelously tactile chairs and this sofa, the two bring together a history of craftsmanship from both countries: One from the aspect of upholstery and the other from the quality of the leather. Since this material is sustainable and lasts for many years, we’re sold!

Kin & Company

The metal work of Kin & Company is very fine and their Step Chair was part of the selection his year. The design was developed in collaboration with Henrik Ødegaard for Norway x New York, which pairs American designers with Norwegian ones. It features a bent blackened steel plate, a blue powder coated tube and a bronze pipe that sports a rose patina. The eccentric look and dual nature of the piece make it a functional and eye-catching accent piece.


Amid all the white porcelain to be found at the show, Kohler’s Kensho Round Vessel Sink stands out for its coloring, material an etched design. The natural stone sink has been carved to shape and then etched with a patchwork of Japanese sashiko kimono patterns that includes organic elements such as waves, mountains, and bamboo. The handcrafted pieces are said to have been inspired by the 15th-century Italian technique known as acquaforte. The neutral, natural basin is lovely on its own but the carving takes it to another level.


Much like a topographical model, this settee by Kohlmaier of Vienna has plenty of sinuous curves and multilevel charm. Good for one or two people, the taller sections serve as backrests on the upholstered piece, which sits on bamboo legs. It’s so interesting to look at and would be a great addition to a living room or even a bedroom. It’s also an ideal statement piece for a waiting area.  Wherever you put it, people won’t be able to resist it.

Konsepta Design

Surprisingly, there is was not a large volume of decor items on display, but we had to show you this vase collection from Konsepta Design of Brazil. While all of Claudia Issa’s pieces were special, these organically shaped vessels are particularly engaging. Issa works to keep her production process sustainable with regard to the use of materials and the pieces are all handcrafted one by one. Made of porcelain, they are amazingly light and delicate despite their stone-like appearance.

Crump and Kwash

Crump and Kwash of Baltimore’s Arcade dresser features the best of woodworking with a touch of concrete. The solid wood case has been hand-rubbed with an oil finish and the front sports a coat of colored concrete in an arched design. Just like all top quality dressers, this one has soft close drawer slides and a touch to open mechanism that eliminates the need for hardware.

Indio da Costa & San German

Really a swath of a lounge, this chaise by Indio da Costa of Brazil is part of the Machina & Manus Collection. Presented in collaboration with Brazilian manufacturer San German, the pieces are said to deal with concepts of human relationships combined with digital technology manufacturing processes. The sweep of the wood over and up in a single plane creates an intriguing shape for a lounge that almost has some humanistic qualities.

Mark Oliver

A simple yet fabulous design, this shelving unit is super eye-catching with its large, round silhouette. Part of his new Tribute collection, it is a great balance of wood and metal. Oliver’ studio is a family-owned business based in Transylvania, Romania. The wood used is carefully chosen for its knots and small imperfections which lend beauty and natural character to the furnishings.


The show included a contract section where we zeroed in on the pieces from Materia, which are designed for offices and public spaces but would also be great for many home settings. The colors are on-trend and cheerful and the bars stools would be very stylish along the kitchen counter. Even the tall sided sofa would be ideal for a breakfast nook.

Mojow Furniture Design

Inside or out, Mojow’s inflatable furniture brings some fun and portability to your home. Easy to move because they’re not heavy, these plump pieces come in a range of neon bright colors as well as clear versions and more muted all-white styles. Because these pack flat, they are easy to ship and the frames go together easily. These inflatables make putting away patio furniture for the winter very easy.


Molo Designs’ collapsible walls, chairs and tables have so many uses so we’ve always loved the original natural-colored pieces. Now, though, Molo has “gilded the lily” by covering its accordion furnishings with a coating of aluminum. The resulting finish is gray and not very shiny except where the surface flattens a little with wear, adding a lovely sheen to the seats. Now we’re not sure which one we like better!

NEA studio

In the sea of options for new lighting designs, this chandelier from NEA Studio stands out because it is solar. Amid the dangling white capiz shells are black squares that are photovoltaic modules that supply power to the LED bulbs, turning on at dusk. Hung by a window, the chandelier absorbs energy to power the bulb and can be installed in difficult locations because it is not wired.  A slight breeze also turns it into a wind chime.

New Citizen Design

A little tired?  How about taking a lean instead of a seat?  The “Let Go” allows you to rest by leaning upright against the mesh support. Designed by Pierre-Emmanuel Vanderputte for New Citizen Design in The Netherlands, the designer says that the piece allows the “awake dreamer to take distance from reality, or the busy cosmopolitan to take a few minutes of rest.”  Having tried it, it’s amazingly relaxing!

New Format Studio

We saw a few bar cabinets at the show and this one by New Format Studio has the right balance of modesty and stylish flair to be a luxe addition to any living space — or office for that matter. The Plano was designed by Henry Norris and has very special curved glass doors. The frosted glass is paired with warm brass and blackened steel and allows you to see the silhouettes of the wine bottles at the bottom but has an air of mystery with regard to the rest the cabinet’s contents.


Like a rare flower crafted from delicate porcelain, Nightbloom from Lladro makes a spectacular lighting display whether it is a single flower or an entire garden of them. The blossom fixture was created by Marcel Wanders as part of a collection for the brand. The design is contemporary and the petals of the flower seem to change with the light that shines on them and from within the center. The fixtures, inspired by blooms found in nature, are hand made in Spain.


Colorful blocks and slabs of Lucite come together in a stunning coffee table by Poliedrica. The company produces an array of vibrant pieces including dining tables, consoles, chairs and shelving. The Italian-made table is a serious dose of color for any room. We could see it in a largely white interior as the focal point.

Robin Baron Design

There was much to love in the Robin Baron booth, but it was a small but oh-so-important detail that captivated us most: the hardware. Rather than just adding attractive pulls and handles to her furniture, Baron transforms the functional element into an oversized design feature. One example is this Rochelle Nightstand with Demi-Fleur Hardware. Somewhere between raindrops and flower petals, these handles definitely make the piece!

Ross Gardam

Australia’s Ross Gardam designs intriguing furniture and lighting with unexpected aspects, as in the Hemera Desk Lamp. In a nod to brutalist architecture, the Hemera desk lamp is simple and is assembled purely through balance and weight. It is part of the New Volumes™ collection and consists of two main pieces that have no obvious light source. Carved from Elba marble, the four simple pieces rest atop one another.

Royal Botania

When it comes to modular outdoor furniture, Royal Botania’s Mosaix might be the most flexible we have seen to date with regard to utility. The base of each piece is exactly the same and can be customized with cushions or various inserts to turn the bases into seats or tables. Even within the tables, there are inserts for plantings, a small pedestal table, and glass or ceramic tiles.

Sergio Matos

This makes us think of a coral throne that encircles you like an aura. In fact, Sergio Matos‘ Acaú chair is inspired by Elk Horn Coral and is constructed with more than 1,000 pieces of steel wire that are folded and covered with cotton string. The technique simulates the limestone aesthetic of the beach in Paraiba, Brazil, where Matos is from.

Simon Johns

Dark and dramatic, Simon Johns’ new Ledge Console floats above the floor. And, while it might look like stone, it is very much made from solid ash wood. The surface relief and jagged bottom edge were inspired by the cliffs near the maker’s studio. His technique for achieving this is very different: Wood is scored across the grain and then carved by breaking the wood grain to make the different depths in the pattern. Opaque glass protects the top of the two-door console.

Sirmersan Marble

Speaking of topographical reliefs, this basin from Sirmersan Marble looks like a deep, natural pool whether it’s filled with water or not. The Crater sink was created to show off the colors of the marble as well as the custom carving possibilities. The Turkish company mines marble — 900,000 square meters of marble and travertine every year — for designers and architects.

Sol y Luna

This Spanish company’s leather products are really objects of desire, from the small home decor pieces to the larger items like this chair.  Simple lines and a sophisticated feeling make them an upscale addition to any space. The Chair Tobatí is made from 100 percent vegetable leather from the Paraguayan Chaco region, just like all Sol y Luna products.


This 400-year-old French company has merged its fine crystal craftsmanship and modern design to create new fixtures like the Folia. Each segment of this wall sconce has three lights and the branches can be combined to create a full wall installation if desired. The wood is white ash and the design was inspired by the forest surrounding the Saint-Louis facility, leading to the organic, geometric cuts in the crystal that evoke the Moselle woodland.

Studio Kalff

A delightful mix of vintage glass items and hand-blown globes, the lighting from Studio Kalff of The Netherlands is colorful and engaging. Hanging like decorative earrings, the pendants layer the vintage finds in between the globes, creating one-of-a-kind lighting that is totally on trend. We could think of so many places to hang these and a great number of interior styles where they would fit perfectly.


Colorful and eye-catching, these outdoor pieces from TWIST have irregular edges that emphasize the colors and make them stand out. Released annually in a different color combination, this one has earthy shades of yellow, green and red that add a pop of color but still meld nicely into a natural setting. They are great for the basic shapes and unexpected edge details.


While regular tufting is great, this irregular button style is so much fun. VAD of Norway’s Dapple Collection has a bit of a midcentury vibe thanks to the spare legs and frame, which contrast with the soft cushions. The large buttons on the back cushions are what really make the design different and light-hearted.

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