Concrete Bathrooms Are Surprisingly Welcoming – See For Yourself

Concrete is super popular right now, as many contemporary homes rely on it to look minimalist, crisp and trendy. we’re quite used to the idea of concrete countertops in the kitchen and even polished concrete floors in the living room but these are fairly standard features at this point. Concrete bathrooms, on the other hand, are less common and that’s what we’re going to focus on today.

In Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan there’s a beautiful retreat designed and built by architecture studio Issei Suma. It consists of five huts which vary in size and height but share similar forms and designs. One has this beautiful concrete bathroom with a tub built into the floor and shaped like a nautilus shell.

This bathroom is built almost entirely in concrete as well. This gives it a very modern vibe, not to mention that concrete is a very durable material. With proper maintenance, this can look exquisite for a very long time. This is a design created by GGA gardini gibertini architects for a house in Rimini, Italy.

A while ago studio Auhaus Architecture designed a concrete house in Torquay, Australia which fully embraced this material with all its pros and cons. The surfaces were left untreated to showcase the pure nature of this material. Concrete surfaces are complemented by other more delicate materials such as marble, resulting in a strangely satisfying combination.

This concrete bathroom is exquisite too. It’s part of an apartment located in a former factory in Prague, the Czech Republic. The apartment’s interior design was done by studio smlxl and shows a minimalistic and contemporary aesthetic based in simple forms and materials.

Studio 2001 designed an interesting residence in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg, a house with a minimalistic geometry which gives it a rather austere look on the outside. Inside, the spaces are welcoming despite the strict simplicity of the materials and finishes. This bathroom is a very good example.

Architecture studio Pedra Liquida created a house that tells a story, quite literally. Its rooms have texts carved into their ceilings and even the areas that don’t such as this bathroom contribute to the story through their design. Concrete is the main material used throughout the project.

Faced with the challenge to transform an abandoned stable into a family home, studio Ábaton Arquitectura looked for inspiration in the immediately vicinity of this site from Guijo de Santa Bárbara, Spain. They used the stone found in the surrounding area to renovate the house and they managed to give it a humble yet modern look which is exactly what the owners wanted. This is how the new bathroom looks like, with concrete walls and a wooden ceiling.

An abandoned villa from Kelarabad, Iran was beautifully revived by architecture studio Babak Abnar who gave it a modern and clean aesthetic defined by simple materials and a harmonious and organic flow between spaces. This is the new bathroom which has a concrete tub and wonderful mood lighting.

This concrete bathroom has a lovely outdoor-like vibe thanks to the open ceiling portion and the raw nature of the materials used in general. It’s a design created by studio Architecture BRIO for a house which they built in Alibaugh, India.

A skylight also gives this bathroom a wonderful look and a very breezy and airy vibe which is welcomed gives that the house was built on a tiny piece of land. The concrete walls have a certain ruggedness which is balanced out by the warm wooden flooring. This is a design done by Schulberg Demkiw Architects for a house located in Elwood, Australia.

Concrete can be introduced to a bathroom in many different forms. Bathroom tiles are a nice option, a concrete floor can work out well, a countertop made of concrete is a fairly common idea and there are also a few less conventional options such as a concrete tub which is actually a really cool idea. This design created by Branch Studio Architects is a good source of inspiration in every way.

The strong bond between architecture and nature is materialized here into a very simple design which relies on unfinished concrete walls and neutral colors. The design was created by studio FORMZERO for a special house located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Architects  Georg Nickisch and Selina Walder worked on a very special project a few years ago, a project which consisted of a concrete cabin which replaced an old hut on a site from Flims, Switzerland. The new cabin stands as a petrification of the original hut, in exactly the same place and uses the old timber log construction as a framework. The walls are cast in concrete and this look is takes one step further in the bathroom where the tub is framed by concrete too.

Speaking of concrete tubs, check out how precious this bathroom designed by Maria Marinina is. It’s small but that doesn’t stop it from looking amazing. The floor is very beautiful as well and goes well with the tub and the finish on the walls.

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