Make Life at Home More Refreshing and Tranquil With Yellow-Green Hues

The quest for relaxation and happiness is widespread and Behr’s 2020 Color of the Year can help you along the path to a calm and serene home. Back to Nature (S340-4) is described as “a sun-kissed, meadow-inspired green.”  Essentially, it’s a yellow-based green that evokes nature and greenery springing to life, which can really boost your mood.

According to the Very Well Mind, the color green “has strong associations with nature and immediately brings to mind the lush green of grass, trees, and forests. Perhaps because green is so heavily associated with nature, it is often described as a refreshing and tranquil color.” Add an undercurrent of yellow and the color becomes a warmer or brighter version of the original. If Behr’s specific shade doesn’t work for you, there are other ways to add this color family to your space. From pale, creamy versions to those that trend more toward chartreuse, there is a wide range of yellow-green hues that will add a dose of natural zest and up-to-date flair to your home. Check out these different ways to add this color trend to your home, both as paint and as other decor items:

Just take a look at the cabinetry by the french doors in this home by the Sargent Design Company. The color is nearly a replica of the trees outside, bringing the essence of nature inside the house. While typical cream or wood cabinetry would simply extend the neutral interior, the saturated yellow-green color really elevates and enlivens the room.

Even traditional interiors can incorporate yellow-green hues, especially when they are of a more pastel nature. This Miami powder room by WA Bentz Construction has a largely clean, white color palette that is greatly enhanced by the light yellow-green walls. The sunny touch of elegance the wall color adds makes the space elegant yet cheery.

At the modern end of the design realm, this dining room in San Francisco by John Lum Architecture uses a more vivid version of yellow-green to provide a bright contrast to the white space. The large windows in the room help link the outdoor greenery with the wall color, making the interior feel connected to nature.

Bedrooms are also a wonderful place to use a relaxing yellow-green color palette. This particular space uses a muted, gentle shade for the walls, and a mossier version for the bed. The interior is then accented with pops of the same color in more vibrant versions at the desk and shelving, which also includes a section finished in a shade skewed to the yellow end of the spectrum. The contrast of the dark flooring and white help create a serene but comfortable modern bedroom.

If four walls of chartreuse are too much, an accent wall can be a good option. In a neutral space or all-white color palette. the pop of color can help highlight not just the wall but a special piece of decor. Here, the lamp by Studio Yen is made even more dramatic by the background wall color.

Painting the walls is not the only way to incorporate yellow-green into a decor scheme. Of course, paint is the most definitive way to change the vibe of the room, but smaller, targeted additions of this color can also make a big impact. A special piece, like this Le Gall Hubert chair from 21st Gallery is a sophisticated touch of whimsy ideal for any room, but it also brings a touch of yellow-green to the space.

A little more vibrant, these Cenote curved back armchairs are upholstered in a textile by Michelle Dirkse that features a shibori style design. The casual chairs add a sunny pop of yellow-green that evokes the thought of emerging shoots in the springtime. The pieces are a great counterpoint to a black and white color scheme but also can be used in conjunction with more muted hues in the same color family, as the right-hand wall demonstrates.

For a larger dose of yellow-green, try a sectional sofa that can be as big or small as you need. This one, by Ariane Ske , is upholstered in a lively yet earthy hue that could easily be the focus of an otherwise neutral space. Its clean lines would also make it appropriate to use on a more color-drenched space as well. In either case, it is a versatile design in a stand-out color that brings freshness to any living room.

Trending more toward chartreuse, this yellow-green chair has a global vibe that lends a touch of the exotic to the room as well. The defined form is more formal, yet the vibrant color makes it cheers and therefore more versatile because it tempers the formality. The elegance is emphasized by the neutral beige cushion, which keeps it from feeling too tropical. The chair, from Worlds Away, could be used as an accent piece, dining chair, or chair for a casual writing desk.

Even though we’re mainly looking at how to bring this relaxing, nature-focused color indoors, there’s no reason you can’t use it on the deck or patio to add some extra perkiness. It might be difficult to find an outdoor lounge chair in yellow-green but you can certainly find cushions for a chair fairly easily.  This neutral-colored chair from Kenneth Cobanpue features vivid cushions in an acid yellow-green covering. Swapping out existing cushions can be a budget-friendly way to incorporate the color into your outdoor living space.

Of course, then there is the outdoor table and chairs from Twist, which feature several shades of this trending color. Part of the Anisotropia Collection, the table, as well as the chairs, are distinguished by the irregular placement of the slats, which only enhances the colors used. The yellow-green color variations are accented with strips of bold, earthy hues that add to the vibrancy of the table. For a less colorful patio or deck setting, the chairs alone would add a good deal of color.

Back inside the house, accent furnishings can add a pop of yellow-green to the living room, entryway or just about anywhere else. An elegant lacquered console by Robin Baron is a glamorous piece to add color and style as well as function. Similarly, the large round ottoman would be at home in a casual or more formal living room. The two pieces show how this color can work in two larger accent pieces that have slightly different levels of formality.

A touch of yellow-green can also be added to an existing color scheme to draw the same hue out of multicolored prints. A beige rug with large dots reminiscent of the old game Twister is a subtle addition of this color, which magically highlights the same undertones in the upholstered chair. By incorporating a modest amount of yellow-green, it does not become dominant in the space.

For those who don’t want to paint or replace furniture, there are other ways to add a natural touch to your home using yellow-green. Interesting tableware pieces can be mixed and matched with existing sets in neutral colors for a gentle hint of the trendy color. Tableware can be used with yellow-green linens for even more impact if desired. This set from Costa Nova has a hand-thrown, organic appearance that is ideal for everyday dining and casual entertaining,

For a living room, or even a bedroom, try incorporating decorative vases for accents of yellow-green.  This is a case where you can easily go with deeper or more vibrant shades because they are smaller items and can be mixed with neutrals or other colors. When working with accessories, this is also where you can work in some texture for added interest. These tall vases from Sagebrook Home are perfect because they have a textured pattern accented with gold.

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