Office for Visual Effects Studio Combines Industrial Style with Creative Spaces

A high-end VFX design studio demands a very special style of architecture and StudioAC delivers in this regard with the ARTJAIL Offices in Toronto. The office feels modern and elegant with the existing industrial elements of the building being carefully intertwined with modern overtones. A number of new spaces were added to the existing floor plan with meeting rooms and VFX studios being delineated from more open and common work areas using glass walls. White and dark gray is the color of choice inside the office space with large windows ushering in ample natural light. Brick walls and wooden ceilings add textural charm to an interior that feels exquisite and modern.

Look at the ARTJAIL Office in Toronto

Both modern and industrial styles find space next to one another inside this engaging office space. Reception desks, backdrop and other accent features anchor the open office space in neutral hues and provide dark touches. Smart design and a kitchen that matches the style of the rest of the space ensures that you have an office that embraces both the past and the future of the building. [Photography: Jeremie Warshafsky]

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Industrial appeal coupled with modernity inside the office
Metal, wood and dark black entrance to the studio
Office of creative visual effects studio in Toronto that feels fresh and innovative
Open work areas of the office with gorgeous modern industrial style
Sliding glass doors combine privacy with flow of light
Spacious kitchen of the office with dark and dashing style

Through a rigorous study of plan, function and form a concept that housed two of the VFX suites and a kitchen/meeting space into one architectural gesture was chosen. This element presents itself immediately when guests and staff enter the space acting as the functional and visual identity of the space.

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Wood and black spaces make a cool statement inside the office
Beautiful wood and black kitchen with ample natural lighting
Black anchors the open plan office space beautifully
Custom VFX studios are combined with open space inside the office

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