Small Balcony Decorating Ideas with an Urban Touch: 25 Ideas, Photos

At one point or another, all of us wish to escape the constant urban rush and create a few moments of tranquility and calm. A holiday home can definitely offer all that and a whole lot more. But not all of us can afford one and even a trip to a rented cabin in the woods is a rare occurrence that demands time and resources. Creating a little piece of personal haven in the urban jungle is the perfect solution and your small balcony is the gateway to this awesome escape! That’s right; a small and seemingly stunted balcony can bring with it plenty of delight when used right.

Dash of timeless NYC charm for the tiny balcony next to the bedroom [From: Designed To Appeal]

Decorating the small balcony is all about striking a balance between form and function. This is something that is a lot harder than it sounds and you can easily go overboard in one direction or the other. A stylish and smart small balcony is different for different people. Some might love an overload of greenery while others could wish to embrace a style like Scandinavian or Beach style without letting go of ergonomics. Dashing, creative and urbane, this is a look at 25 best small balcony decorating ideas from across the spectrum –

Adding Greenery to the Small Balcony

This is the perfect way to start the transformation of your tiny balcony. Nothing beats the charm of natural greenery and if you craving for a relaxing and rejuvenating private zone at home, then potted plants, flowering plants and creepers are the undoubted way forward. Here again, the approach to using plants in the small balcony varies with the style of the balcony, the available space and your own personal preferences. Some might want a giant wall of green to keep out prying eyes while others could simply add a vertical green wall or a few pots on the railing for a smart, refreshing balcony.

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Filling up the small balcony with plants helps you create an oasis of green in the city
Gorgeous contemporary balcony of Paris home with ample greenery and lovely views [From: MEERO]
It is hard to beat the visual magic of plants and greenery while decorating the balcony!
Potted plants for the small modern balcony
Retractable cover keeps away the heat in style [From: dream design sthlm]
Wall of green also gives the balcony more privacy along with freshness [From: papac media AB]
Another beautiful small balcony decorating idea from the city of Stockholm
Easy way to bring a bit of green into the small modern balcony [From: Cheryl Ketner Interiors]

Seating Options in Small Balconies

So you have thought about the ‘green options’ in the balcony and now wish to turn your focus towards functionality and the seating space you can create. Start off small by adding a slim outdoor table and a coupled of sleek chairs and see how the balcony feels. If you think this approach just does not fit in with the more modern style of your balcony, then turn to sectional seating with built-in storage options. Remember that these choices also depend on how you plan to use the balcony and the number of members in your family that frequent the space.

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Bring the console table into the balcony to save space and create a new look [From: Gaile Guevara]
Comfortable sectional fills up almost the entire balcony in here [From: Svensk Fastighetsförmedling]
Iconic Acapulco chairs for the small modern balcony with a hint of green [From: Studio Morton]
Slim chairs and table bring a dash of red to this tiny balcony in Paris apartment [From: A+B KASHA Designs]
Small farmhouse style balcony with a couple of chairs offers simplicity with style [From: Rachael Smith Photography Ltd]
Small Scandinavian style balcony of Moscow apartment with smart seating and stargazing opportunity [From: irina krasheninnikova]
Awesome beach style balcony brings sand and surf indoors [From: Suzy Kloner Design]
Bench, cushions and smart table can transform even the tiniest of balconies

Making Most of Limited Space

Space is the biggest constraint in the small balcony and yet it is also this limited room that gives it an unmistakable charm. Few things feel more romantic than a beautiful balcony decorated with strings lights, featuring a table for two and maybe a couple of flowering plants thrown into the mix! You can create more space by choosing décor that utilizes minimum legroom like a console table, a breakfast table with pedestal base or chairs that are built for space-savvy outdoor living. Turn to the walls as well to stack up stuff and create a tiny balcony that feels inviting and exquisite.

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Small breakfast zone and reading space in the tiny balcony [From: Wida Design]
Space-savvy modern garden furniture is perfect for the tiny urban balcony [From: Stylescale]
This Stockholm balcony has it all with plush seating, grill and a bit of greenery! [From: Svensk Fastighetsförmedling]
Transform the tiny balcony into a romantic escape [From: Stylingbolaget]
Trendy eclectic decorating style for the small balcony
Creative and clever use of white fabric in the small balcony
Discover the magic of black when it comes to the small modern balcony [From: Alexander White]
Modern balcony of Californian home with cool Ocean views [From: Fougeron Architecture]

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