10 Easy Ways To Give Your Home Decor An Update

home decoration update

Tired of that same old look of your living space? Well, it’s always a good idea to make a few changes every now and then in order to introduce a fresher feel. All you need to do is ensure that this is done right – otherwise, you might end up with unexpected results. Today I want to share with you 10 simple ways to bring some freshness to your interior decor using simple yet highly effective strategies.

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pair of armchairs nook with window view

1.Transform your windows into a center of attraction

Instead of keeping the chairs facing the table (as is tradition), you can do things the Parisian way and get them angled out toward the window. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor scenery from the comfort of your living room.



pink closet inside

2.Add a bit of color to your closets

A nice paint job in the inside of your closet can bring some brightness and warmth to an otherwise pale and boring room. A popular color option to go for in that case is pink – known for its cheerful look and feel.

Image: Monika Hibbs


kitchen design idea

3.Less clutter, better look

A simple yet effective way to make your living space look fresh again is by decluttering it. Keep the toaster, microwave, mixer, juicer and coffee maker away, magazines, bags etc. away, and your house will look all fresh.

Image: chatelaine


Refashion your chairs with pillows

4.Refashion your chairs with pillows

Pillows provide an inexpensive way to change the outlook of a room by introducing a bit of color and diversity. Large pillows tend to do this job better than small ones.

Image: HomeGoods


bronze kitchen hardware

5. Change your drawer pulls and knobs

Take a visit to your nearest hardware and ask for heavy-duty, expensive-looking knobs. You can find ones with a gold or silvery finish and bring them onboard to add the unique look you desire.

Image: FarmHouseUrban


flowers-living room coffee table decoration

6.Add a flowery touch

Place a few flowers around the house to bring a new supply of fresh air in the room. Alternatively, go for potted ferns, potpourri or wreaths.


faux fireplace

7.Warm things up a little bit with a fireplace

Nothing beats a faux fireplace in adding ambiance to unexpected places. You can get a ready-made unit or construct your own mantle with a nice looking array of candlesticks.



girls room blossom wall decoration

8.Settle for a theme in kids’ rooms

You don’t have to be too serious when it comes to decorating your kids’ rooms or bathroom. Just pick a theme and go with it.


bohemian macrame folding screen

9.Count on folding screen to bring a striking accent

Whether made of bamboo, paper or wood, decorative screens are versatile, unusual and are guaranteed to bring a touch of Zen to any living space.

Image: Magical Thinking Tabitha Macrame Foldable Screen


Jonathan Adler Gold bamboo chandelier

10.Change the lighting

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