10 Ways To Update Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is one of the most vital parts of your home. This is where you spend a good part of your time as you sleep or rest. This is why it is always important to ensure that it stands out by having an elegant look. You do not want it to look the way it was five years ago. By applying different bedroom ideas, you can update it to look trending. Here are 10 ways to update your bedroom:

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  1. Spruce the space with paint

A simple way to update your bedroom is to spruce it with fresh paint. This is a great way to change the overall feeling of your space. You can apply a different paint color or just reapply the same paint. Regardless of the way you decide to do it, your bedroom will be renewed and make it look more appealing.

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  1. Upgrade the baseboards

Upgrading your bedroom baseboards is a great way to make it feel more custom and luxe. You should upgrade the baseboards, so that they can compliment your bedroom styles and design. Upgrading involves either painting the current ones or installing new ones. After doing this, your bedroom will have a finished feel and look brighter.


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  1. Purchase new and luxurious bed linens

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. To make it a better haven, you can invest in new and luxurious bed linens. You can also purchase a new comforter set or duvet with your preferred patterns and colors. For higher quality sleep, remove lumpy pillows and buy hypoallergenic ones. Match the bedroom decor accent and colors around your set to give the entire
room a more cohesive look.

Image: Tufted Dot Duvet Cover


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  1. Change your bedroom switch plates and lighting

Old light fixtures make your bedroom look boring and outdated. Change them by installing brighter switch plates and have modern pendant to make the room more custom. Remove your old bedside lamps and have new models that match your design. Invest in LED lightbulbs for more energy efficiency and durability.

Image: Evie Fringe Pendant Light


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  1. Try new curtains

Dress your bedroom windows with new curtains not only to enhance privacy, but also promotes the overall look of your space. New curtains enhance the style of your room. Choose the ones that will allow the right amount of light to filter in, match the bedding and overall bedroom color and decor.

Image: Crochet Portal


bohemian inspired woven bench

6. Invest in new furniture items

You can transform the overall look of your bedroom by investing in smaller pieces of furniture such as comfy chair or nightstands. Remove the older pieces and have the new pieces that will make your room look new. If you have the money you can invest in large pieces such as a new dresser or bed frames.

Image: Bohemian-inspired woven bench


bedroom green rug


7. Add a rug to enhance style and comfort

Investing in a new rug can make your bedroom feel more relaxing and finished. Look for a rug to place underneath your bed to
offer you a plush landing. Choose the one with a neutral style and color because it will be timeless. You can also decide to be bold by investing in one with great patterns and bright colors.


romantic girly bedroom design idea

8. Try new bedroom décor accents

Look for individual trinkets that add personality to your bedroom. Go for pieces that fit your preference and taste. Some of the pieces that will make your space more appealing include bouquet of fresh flowers, customised picture frames, pieces of arts, jewelry box among others.

Image: Randi Garrett


bedroom wall gallery above bed

9. Create a gallery wall

You can make the blank bedroom walls look more appealing by hanging family photos or favorite quotes. Bring in new artworks that match the season or those that are trending. You can also transform the look of the frames by painting using coordinating or glitzy gold color.

Image: Kelley Nan


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10. Rearrange your bedroom items

You might not have money to buy new items, but can give your bedroom a new look by just rearranging the items inside it. Change the position of the bed and other pieces of furniture. You can also decide to exchange the curtains if your bedroom has several windows. You will be amazed how such simple rearrangements can make your bedroom look updated.


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